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    Jim Fox

    Looking around at other hosting companies I have found this feature more and more common.  It seems they are hooked up to the iTunes or some other database of covers.  That includes most popular songs.

    But a niche station like mine, a small fraction would appear.   So they have the option of letting you upload a cover with the track - generally 400 by 400 px or 600 by 600 px.   This goes into a database associated with your station.

    Many even have the option of having small covers on their small players and of course as you have already incorporated, the station logo comes up when no cover is found for a track.

    Now, these other companies cannot hold a candle to in the way of service.  I would never use another hosting company.  But this feature might make more competitive in the marketplace and would be a nice option for most broadcasters to have.

    Jim -

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